Cannstatter Wasen

The Stuttgart Beer Festival is a 35 hectare festival area on the banks of the Neckar river in Stuttgart district of Bad Cannstatt. Colloquially, the term is also used as a synonym for the two major festivals, the Stuttgart Beer Festival and the Stuttgart Spring Festival, which takes place every year on the festival grounds.

The Stuttgart Beer Festival is part of the venue Neckar Park. Until 2005 the name " Stuttgart Beer Festival " was officially used for this entire site. The Neckar Park forms the largest part of the district " Wasen ", whose members also include a part of the Mercedes -Benz plant in Untertürkheim.


On the Wasen numerous other events, such as circuses, sports and agricultural fairs, especially the main agricultural festival, and open-air concerts are held at irregular intervals in addition to the two festivals. For other events in the Neckar Park the festival site as a car park.

In 1907 here was an "International Mass Meeting of International Peace and People's Liberation " at the beginning of the Socialist Congress in Stuttgart, attended by 60,000 people participated. At the beginning of commercial aviation the Stuttgart Beer Festival also served several years as an airfield and Zeppelin landing site of the city of Stuttgart. In 1911, Ernst Heinkel started from here with a self-constructed plane, 1919 landing site was created. From 1921 to 1924, Paul frogs from Wasen by post from flights, a regular civil aircraft operation did not take place. From 1925, the Böblingen airport was used for all flights.

Transport to major events

The SSB operates on the site of the station Stuttgart Beer Festival, which is served at events by the tram lines U11 and U19.

Regular major events

  • Stuttgart Spring Festival in April
  • Stuttgart- run half marathon in June
  • Stuttgart Beer Festival in late September

Pictures of Cannstatter Wasen