Canon EOS-1D Mark II

The Canon EOS -1D Mark II is a professional digital SLR (DSLR ) Canon brand ( cf. Canon EOS digital cameras). It features an APS-H CMOS sensor with 8 megapixels, a 45 - point autofocus and a 2- inch LCD screen. The camera weighs 1,220 g without lens. The EOS- 1D Mark II is the successor of the Canon EOS- 1D. The EOS- 1D Mark II is compatible with all EF lenses, but not to the EF -S lenses. Launch was in 2004. Her successor, the Canon EOS -1D Mark II N.

As part of the 1D series in particular its continuous shooting at 8.5 frames per second should be emphasized that to surpass the Canon DSLRs only by their successors and the Canon EOS -1D X. It also has a large buffer memory, which allows up to 40 JPEG or 20 RAW images in series.

Other properties

  • DIGIC II image processor
  • 45 - point TTL autofocus
  • ISO range 100-1600, which can be expanded via the menu settings to 50 and 3,200
  • Weatherproof housing made of magnesium alloy
  • Pentaprism viewfinder that shows about 100 % of the image

EOS -1D Mark II N

In August 2005, the successor to the Canon 1D Mark II 1D Mark II N had the same sensor chip, auto focus as well as the same serial picture function as its predecessor. Improvements have been made in particular of the screen ( towards a blickwinkelstabileren 2.5 " LCD), or buffer. In addition Bildstil' functions have been added, which are also reflected in Canon cameras later.

The successor to the 1D Mark II N is introduced in 2007 Canon EOS -1D Mark III.



CF and SD card slot

Selection buttons