Canon EOS 500N

The EOS 500N (New EOS Kiss in Japan, EOS Rebel G in North America) in 1996 to market and was produced until 1999. This camera followed the EOS 500 and was later replaced by the EOS 300. She was located in the lower segment of the EOS series.

The camera was in the kit with the Canon EF lens 28-90 4-5.6, 4-5.6 and the available 35-80 with the Tamron lens 28-80. It is identical to the Canon EOS 3000N and was available with both a silver and a black housing.



  • Battery Pack: for power supply with AA cells.
  • Handle: to improve the feel and safe for self-timer and mini tripod.
  • Eyepiece
  • Eye correction lenses
  • Ready Cases


In the Canon EOS system, there are several flash units EX-series with different characteristics.

Remote tripping Accessories

To control the EOS 500N from a distance, there are a number of accessories, such as Remote release cable, etc.

Models / versions

The EOS 500N was also sold with data back. In this configuration was the name of the camera "EOS 500N QD ".