Canton of Oisemont

The Canton Oisemont is a French administrative unit in the arrondissement of Abbeville, in the department of the Somme and in the Picardie region; its chief town is Oisemont. Effective January 1, 2009, this date the district Amiens belonging Canton was associated with all of its communities the district Abbeville. Representatives of the General Council of the department since 1980 Jérôme Bignon (UMP ).


The Canton Oisemont is 14,383 ha ( 143.83 km ²) in size and has 5,957 inhabitants (as of 1999), which corresponds to a population density of about 41 inhabitants per km ². He is on average 118 m high, between 48 m and 204 m Heucourt - Croquoison in Neuville- Coppegueule.


The canton consists of 31 municipalities: