Cantons of Ecuador

One canton (Spanish cantón ) in Ecuador is an administrative unit of the third order, by state and province. Cantons are in communities ( parroquias, literally parish ) divided. Each canton has one or more urban parishes that (ie a city ) form a municipality as its capital, and a varying number of rural parishes.

Overall, Ecuador currently has 222 cantons. The Guayas province has 25 furnished the most and in October 2007 Province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, which consists only of the canton of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, the least.

The oldest cantons have existed since the law on the territorial order of Greater Colombia in 1824, the youngest is the divested from the canton of Ventanas Canton Quinsaloma in Los Ríos, whose founding law was passed in November 2007 by the National Congress.


In each canton there is a jefe político (German political leader ), which is used by the President and this represents. Located in the capital ( the municipality ) there is also a well chosen by the inhabitants mayor and a city council. The canton belonging to the parishes each elect a parish assembly ( junta parroquial ).