Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 19

Cape Canaveral AFS Launch Complex 19 (LC -19) is a disused launch pad at NASA that are part of the launch pad group " ICBM " and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station belongs. Located on Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA.


LC -19 was built along with the grid positions 15, 16, and 20 in early 1959.

The first launch took place on 14 August 1959. However, the titanium - 1 rocket exploded already on the launch pad. In the next few years started another 14 Titan -1, two of the success was.

The first Titan -2 with Gemini 1 lifted off on April 8, 1964. Just as with the Gemini 2 were no people on board; we first wanted to watch this new launch system ( Titan 2 Gemini Spaceship ).

After these two test flights finally Gemini 3 was able to start with Virgil Grissom and John Young on March 23. This was followed by Gemini Gemini 4 to 12, according to quietly put the launch pad.

Since these milestones of space decomposes the ramp. The launch tower was removed; The servicing structures of rust. The White Room, through the boarded the astronauts in the Gemini spacecraft has been restored and can be visited in the " CCAFS Space and Missile Museum ".

The complex

The launch pad is located on an artificially high level. An immovable tower supplied among others the rocket with fuel. Next to her is a somewhat larger service tower on which the White Room was located. This was folded into a vertical position so that the astronauts were able to get into the spaceship. Before the start, he was put back into the horizontal parking position.

In addition to the launch pad is the "block house". It was the control center of the missions.

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