Cape Cod

Geographical location

Cape Cod ( German "Cape Cod ") is a 1033 km ² large peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts in the United States. Along with some small islands such as Iceland Monomoy, Monomoscoy Iceland, Iceland and Popponesset Seconsett Iceland forms the Cape Cod Barnstable County.

Cape Cod got its name in 1602 by the English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold, who was of the size of the cod grounds (English cod cod ) impressed. 1620 were the Pilgrims in one of the largest and safest natural harbors in New England, now Provincetown Harbor, on land. Cape Cod became part of the Plymouth Colony founded by them. In 1914, a canal - the Cape Cod Canal - built. The extremely long peninsula was thus separated from the mainland and facilitates the passage of the Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay and the Long Iceland sound.

On Cape Cod, the Air Force Space Command operates on the Otis Air National Guard Base, a radar station of the PAVE -PAWS network for the detection of launches of submarine - launched ballistic missiles in the Atlantic. In Woods Hole are several marine research facilities.

Today, the tourism besides fishing is an important economic factor. Here is the Cape Cod National Seashore.