Cape Emine

42.70138888888927.899722222222Koordinaten: 42 ° 42 '5 " N, 27 ° 53' 59" O

Cape Emine ( Bulgarian Нос Емине / Nos Emine ) is a cape at the eastern part of the Balkan Mountains on the Black Sea in Thrace in Bulgaria.


Cape Emine is located 79 km south of Varna and 54 km north of Bourgas. Nearby are the towns of Obzor (14 km to the north ) and Nessebar (14 km as the crow over the sea, and 22 km overland to the bay ), sun beach (15 km to the west) and Saint Vlas (8 km to the west), all to the south. Cape Enime lies within sight of the sun and beach of Nessebar. Conversely, one has from Cape Emine to the south an overview of the Bay of Nessebar.

The cape is in the Oblast Burgas, Nessebar municipality.

At Cape Emine is the end point of the mountain trail Kom - Emine as well as the northernmost point of the Bay of Burgas. The southernmost point of the Bay of Burgas is Maslen nos ( Bulg Маслен нос ).

The rocky cape is the most eastern part of the Balkan Mountains. It falls almost vertically, 60 meters deep gruff into the sea. The cape is surrounded by hundreds of small rocky outcrops within 250 m of the water or below water. Therefore, the waterfront is also extremely dangerous for ships round the Cape with a large safety margin. On the cape is a 9.4 m high lighthouse, which had started its operations on 15 December 1880. Supposedly Cape Emine is the stormiest cape Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is divided into the northern and the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast at Cape Emine. Just north of Cape Emine the nature reserve is Irakli ( Bulg Иракли ).

To the north of the cape is the cliff Afrodiso ( Bulg Афродизо ).


The camera Emine cape is from a medieval monastery located there and a fortress ( fortress Emona - " Paleocasto " = " Old Fortress " ) is derived, which bore the name Emine. From the ruins of the monastery and the fort is very little to see.

The name comes from the ancient Greek name Emine the Balkan Mountains from - Greek: Αίμος - Aimos ( Aemon ), Latin Haemus. Others derive the name of the cape from the Greek word for a " cool, stormy, windy place ' from or of the name of the mother of the Prophet Mohammed from. Her name was in Arabic Amina what is said in Turkish as " Emine ".

Located 2 km from the Cape, there is the village almost the same - Emona. The village is the birthplace of the legendary Thracian king Rhesus.


The monastery church " Sveti Nikola " is located about 1 km from the Cape. Although it was declared a cultural monument, she was robbed and abandoned several years ago. The monastery church was restored several years ago from the outside. However, it is not accessible to the public. The church is part of the former monastery " Sveti Nikola ", - which was founded in the 10th century ( Bulg Св Николай Чудотворец Sveti Nikolai the Wonderworker Nicholas of Myra. ). 1805, the monastery was destroyed by the inhabitants of Kardzhali, but later rebuilt.

There are no accurate sources to the beginnings of the monastery. According to legend, the founding of the monastery is associated with the patron saint of sailors and fishermen. on his journey through the Balkan Mountains, he was persecuted by the Ottomans. In his escape to the east always grew new land under his feet, ever into the sea. So the Cape Emine has emerged. At the end point of his escape then the inhabitants of the area have put up a monastery whose patron he was.

In the area of the Cape Emine (0.5 ha) were counted 218 bird species, of which 60 species were included in the Bulgarian Red Book of endangered species in 1985. According to BirdLife International ( 2004) are of the species encountered 96 species of importance for the European nature conservation. In the category SPEC1 ( affected by the global extinction ) fall 8 species. In the Spec2 category ( affected by extinction in Europe) fall 29 species. In the spec3 category includes 79 species.

BirdLife International has the cape Emine explains an important ornithological place in 1997. In 2005, the ornithological important area was extended to the whole territory of Cape Emine to protect the endangered bird species on a European scale.

However, the pressure due to the onslaught of mass tourism and construction activity in the vicinity is not really stopped. The mountain trail Kom - Emine ends here, the village of Emona has become a popular development area for wealthy from all over Bulgaria, the great resort of sunny beach is close and will always be expanded further and the whole area is traversed away from the streets of SUVs.

In the Council Directive 79/409/EEC of 2 April 1979 on the conservation of wild birds (Appendix 1) 73 of the Cape Emine encountered bird species are given.

The cape is located on the north-south migration route of migratory birds, Via pontica. Here is a constriction of the migration route for pelicans, storks and birds of prey. The migratory birds gather here to fly around the Balkan Mountains.

The storks and pelicans flying of directly over the Bay of Burgas.

The shore area and the waters around the Cape Emine is one of the few areas in Bulgaria, where ever the Mediterranean shearwater ( Puffinus yelkouan ) is encountered. The cape is one of the most important places in Europe for these species. The same applies to the following species of birds:

  • Olive Warbler ( Hippolais olivetorum )
  • (Lullula arborea )
  • Halbringschnäpper ( Ficedula semitorquata )
  • Middle Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius )
  • Roller (Coracias garrulus )
  • Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina )
  • Short Levant Sparrowhawk (Accipiter brevipes ),
  • Nuns Wheatear ( ö pleschanka )
  • Common Tern (Sterna hirundo )
  • Little Tern (Sterna albifrons ).

In winter, gather here on the coast -throated diver (Gavia arctica), Pochard ( Aythya ferina ) and other water birds in large numbers.

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