Cape Farewell, Greenland

59.774444444444 - 43.910833333333Koordinaten: 59 ° 46 ' 28 " N, 43 ° 54' 39 " W

Cape Farewell ( Greenlandic Uummannarsuaq ) is often referred to as 59 ° 46 ' 28 " north latitude of Greenland in the southernmost point of Greenland. It lies on the south of the Greenland mainland barrier island Eggers ( Greenlandic Itivdleq ), approximately at the latitude of Oslo. Between the Nunap Isa archipelago, whose second largest is the island Eggers (after Christian IV Iceland ), and the mainland extends the Prins Christian Sund as strait. South of the island Eggers are still some smaller, unnamed rocky islands, the southernmost and largest of which 2.1 km south of Cape Farewell. the southernmost point of Greenland's mainland is approximately 45 km west-northwest of Cape Farewell close Friedrichstal. the southernmost point of Greenland (including smaller islands ) is located at 59 ° 44'48 " N. Here at the southern tip of Greenland borders the Labrador Sea in the west and the Irminger Sea in the east together. To the south is the open North Atlantic.

Cape Farewell in 1585 by the British re-discoverer of Greenland, John Davis, circumnavigated and named as Cape Farewell.

At Cape Farewell the German Konrad missionary Kleinschmidt 1824 established the southernmost mission of the Moravian Church in Greenland, Friedrichstal (Danish: Frederiksdal, Greenlandic: Narsaq Kujalleq ).

The waters around Cape Farewell were since the Middle Ages because of storms and drift as particularly dangerous. In one of the largest Greenland shipwrecks sunk on its maiden voyage on 30 January 1959, to be unsinkable flagship of Danish Greenland fleet, which, at Cape Farewell after a collision with an iceberg, with all 95 people were Hans Hedtoft on board to death.