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Capella (Latin for " little goat " ) or Capella is the main star ( α Aurigae ) in the constellation Auriga. The name comes from the Latin diminutive of the word capra ( female goat). Greek mythology describes that the Greek god Zeus by a goat ( Amalthea ) was fueled when he grew up in Crete. Thanks to these were added by him to the starry sky. Capella is also called Alhajoth, which is probably a Arabized form of the Greek word αίξ ( goat).


Capella is 0.1 like the sechsthellste star in the night sky, after Arcturus and Vega the third brightest in the northern sky. It belongs to Wintersechseck, whose northern tip, it forms.

Capella is a double - double star system, consisting of the components Aa and Ab, as well as Ha and Hb ( in some catalogs and La and Lb). Spectroscopic striking are the only components Capella Aa and Ab, which move at a distance of 0.71 AU within 104 days around the common center of gravity to almost perfect circular orbits. The two binary systems A and H ( L) have an average of one another at a distance of 11,000 AU. While the components Aa ( spectral G5III ) and down ( G0III ) to the so-called Yellow Giant count is at Ha ( M2V ) and Hb ( M4V ) to red dwarfs orbiting at a distance of 48.1 AU. At a distance of just over 42 light years, the two main stars are among the Earth relatively nearby giant stars. Due to the proper motion of the system Capella is one of the Hyades stream, a widely distributed group of stars, their physical relationship is still unclear.

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