Capillaria plica

Capillaria plica (syn. Pearsonema plica ) is a parasitierender in the urinary bladder of mammals, hair worm. It occurs worldwide in dogs and cats, the infection is rare. As a reservoir of pathogens probably are wild animals.

Adult C. plica are 13-60 mm long, filiform, yellowish and live in the urinary bladder. The eggs produced by the worm females are 63-68 × 24-27 microns in size, bedeckelt and have a slightly roughened shell. They are excreted in the urine. As intermediate hosts are earthworms, in which the infective L1 larva develops. Infection occurs through absorption of the intermediate hosts, or indirectly via transport hosts.

C. plica rarely causes symptoms. In heavy infestations it may be a urinary infection with urinary urgency and urinary incontinence. The infection usually heals from alone if there is no constant reinfection. For the treatment levamisole, fenbendazole, albendazole and ivermectin can be used.

Pictures of Capillaria plica