The scalp ( from Latin: capillus = hair) referred to in mycology all of the hair and thread system inside a spore container. If only individual threads exist, they are referred to as elaters.

Usually the term is used for the thick-walled, hair-like, consisting of hyphae threads of Gleba of abdominal fungi. It is distinguished from Bovista or Lycoperdon type between the scalp. When Bovista type is the scalp of flakes with a coarse thread to verzweigendem in increasingly thin fibers umbilicus. In comparison the Lycoperdon type of a contiguous mesh without significant main trunk.

The term is also used for the whole of the non-cellular threads inside the pores of the vessel Myxomycetes. This is smooth or has a characteristic often sculpture. Helically around the periphery of the fibers extending structures are referred to as spiral strip. Species with striking capillitium example, are located in the genera Trichia and Arcyria in which the braid at maturity often expanded beyond the dimensions of the originally closed spore capsules out.