Caresto is a Swedish manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

Leif Tufvesson, the automotive previously worked for Volvo and Koenigsegg, founded in 1996 in Ängelholm, and the company began production of automobiles.

Rolling stock

The company manufactures vehicles at Volvo basis. In the model V8 Speedster, a V8 engine from Volvo in mid-engine layout is mounted behind the seats. In the model T6 Roadster a six-cylinder in-line engine with turbocharger is mounted in the rear. Both models are similar to the Plymouth Prowler. The model Hot Rod Jakob is a hot rod that looks like a low-riding Ford from the 1930s. This ensures a five-cylinder engine for the drive. The Hot Rod Woody is designed similar, but it has a wooden body in the rear as well as a five-cylinder diesel engine.


In addition, the company tunes models of Volvo and Dodge.