Carl Eller

  • 6 × Pro Bowl selection ( 1968-1971, 1973, 1974 )
  • 7 × All-Pro selection ( 1967-1975 ) 1 2 team
  • NFL Champion (1969 )
  • 3 × NFC champion ( 1973, 1974, 1976)
  • NFL Defensive Player of the Year (1971 )
  • Minnesota Vikings 25th Anniversary Team
  • Minnesota Vikings 40th Anniversary Team
  • Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor
  • 50 Greatest Vikings
  • NFL 1970s All- Decade Team
  • College Football Hall of Fame (2006)
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame (2004)
  • North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame (1991 )
  • M Club Hall of Fame

Carl Lee Eller ( born January 25, 1942 in Winston- Salem, North Carolina), nicknamed Moose, is a former American professional American football player. He played as a defensive end in the National Football League ( NFL) for the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks.

Playing career

College career

Carl Eller attended in his hometown high school and then studied from 1961 to 1963 at the University of Minnesota. Together with Bobby Bell, he played in 1961 and 1962 in the Defense and Offense in the local college football team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers. He was inducted into the defensive line and in the offensive line as a tackle. In 1962, the Golden Gophers to the Rose Bowl could win against UCLA with 21:3. In 1963, Eller was elected to the Football League selection and All American. His college drew him because of his athletic achievements of three times.

Professional career

Carl Eller was drafted in 1964 by the Buffalo Bills in the first round in fifth place. Eller but never signed a contract with this club from the American Football League ( AFL). In the same year the Minnesota Vikings attracted him in the first round in sixth place of the NFL Draft. Eller joined the Vikings, whose head coach Norm Van Brocklin put him on the defensive line as a defensive end. Along with the defensive end Jim Marshall and defensive tackle Alan Page and Gary Larsen, who already played in the Vikings or were committed in the following years, the four players formed a formidable defensive line known as Purple People Eaters ( German: purple people eater - the name is based on the jersey color of the Vikings ) would go down in the history of the NFL. In 1967, Bud Grant took over as coach for the team from Minneapolis. Since it was the Vikings managed to reinforce the offense of the team with players like Ron Yary or Fran Tarkenton, the team has developed into one of the leading teams in the NFL. Eller won with his team its first championship in 1969. The Vikings won the last NFL playoff prior to the merger with the American Football League against the Cleveland Browns with 27:7, but lost the Super Bowl IV against the Kansas City Chiefs with 23:7. In the next two years succeeded Eller with his team in the play-offs to collect, but where the team failed in each case at an early stage. Eller and the Vikings succeeded then washed three times to win the NFC Championship Game. 1973 final against supervised by Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys was won with 27:10. However, this victory was opposed by a 24:7 defeat against assisted by Don Shula Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VIII. In the following season, the Los Angeles Rams were defeated in the NFC title game with 14:10, again subject Eller but with the Vikings in the Super Bowl. The supervised by Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers were able to prevail with 16:6 in the Super Bowl IX. In 1976, Eller won his fourth championship title. Again met the Vikings in the NFC playoff on the managed by Chuck Knox Rams and again the team from Los Angeles was defeated the team from Minneapolis, this time with 24:13. Eller pulled so in his fourth Super Bowl one, but also this game did not bring down the expected Super Bowl win. The Oakland Raiders under her coach John Madden kept with 32:14 in Super Bowl XI the upper hand. Carl Eller managed never to win a Super Bowl. After one last year at the Seattle Seahawks game, he finished his career after the 1979 season. Eller ran in 225 games for the Vikings and the Seahawks. There he succeeded in doing 133 third quarterback sack, tackle 968 and 23 fumble.


Carl Eller played six times in the Pro Bowl seven times and was voted to the All- Star. In 1971, the election to the NFL Defensive Player of the Year took place. He is a member of the Minnesota Vikings 25th Anniversary Team, the Minnesota Vikings 40th Anniversary team in the NFL 1970s All- Decade Team in the College Football Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame and in the Hall of Fame of his colleges. The Vikings also honor him in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on the Ring of Honor

After playing career

Carl Eller worked after his career as an addiction counselor. He founded several rehab. Eller himself had several times problems with intoxicants and therefore slid repeated with the law in conflict. Eller graduated in 1994, social services and then worked for the Ministry of Social Affairs of Minnesota. Carl Eller called after finishing his playing career, the Retired Players Association into life. He currently serves as chairman of this organization that cares for retired football players and their families. It is focused on the medical care of former players.