Carl Emil Doepler

Carl Emil Doepler (* March 8, 1824; † August 20, 1905 in Berlin) was a German painter, book illustrator and costume designer.

Life and work

Doepler began his training with Ferdinand Piloty in Munich. From 1849 to 1854 he was in New York, but then returned again for further training in 1855 to Munich at Piloty son Carl Theodor back. From 1860 to 1870 he was costume designer at the theater in Weimar and teachers for costume design at the art school. From 1870 he was appointed professor in Berlin. He painted numerous pictures, illustrated articles and books (eg, The Gazebo ), designed murals for private homes and painted paintings with motifs from the Nordic-Germanic mythology.

Wagner 's Ring stage costumes

He also designed as a costume 500 drawings for costumes for the first production of the Ring cycle at the newly founded Bayreuth Festival in 1876, the Richard Wagner, however, criticized as "too historic." They were still used, but in 1881 sold to the complete equipment of the premiere with the costumes Doeplers at the opera director Angelo Neumann. This sent the Bayreuth "Ring" on tour throughout Europe. Thereby, the Costumes Wedding were considered indicative.

His son Emil Doepler (1855-1922) was a painter, artisan, commercial artist and heraldry.


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