Carl Friedrich Rungenhagen

Carl Friedrich Rungenhagen (including Carl Friedrich von Rungenhagen, * September 27, 1778, † December 21, 1851 in Berlin) was a German composer and music educator.


The study of painting broke Carl Friedrich Rungenhagen less progress in his studies due from and joined his father's trading house. He worked there until the death of his father, 1796. From then on, he devoted himself entirely to music.

Was Rungenhagen 1801 Member of the Sing- Akademie zu Berlin and was a student of Carl Friedrich Zelter. In 1815 he became its vice - director and took over in 1833 as the successor to Zelter their line. His election by the General Assembly was not without controversy. Among the competitors and the students Zelter, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, for which the lost election may have been one reason Berlin was to turn his back along with his family. Even the very successful first revival of the St. Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach after his death, on 11 March 1829 in the Sing-Akademie, which the then twenty -year-old Felix had worked so successfully with the choir and then have listed more than once, was his choice do not favor - nor the fact that Felix Mendelssohn and the entire family for many years participated in the choir of the Sing- Akademie.

In the function of the Sing-Akademie director led Rungenhagen continue the revitalization of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and devoted himself to the care of the oratorio by George Frideric Handel. But the contemporary oratorio was not too short. At the same time seemed Rungenhagen also at the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin as professor ( appointed 1843) and music teacher. His students Albert Lortzingstraße, Stanisław Moniuszko, Karl Anton Eckert, August Conradi and Alexander Fesca Especially would highlight. He was a member of the Berlin Masonic Lodge " to ram ".

At the age of 73 years Carl Friedrich died Rungenhagen on December 21, 1851 in Berlin, where he spent his final resting place on the Dorotheenstädtischer cemetery. His successor as director of the Sing-Akademie Eduard Grell was chosen.

Rungenhagen mainly composed church music, oratorios, cantatas and songs.

Works (selection)

  • " Out of the depths 'll call me, Lord " for solo soprano, four-part gem. Choir and organ / piano ( new edition Berlin 2006 )
  • " IV songs on the piano ," 1816
  • " Three to sing chants for 2 sopranos at the pianoforte ", Berlin, at Gröbenschütz and Seiler, 1807?
  • " 3 trios for female voices ", Berlin, Stern, 1842
  • " Final song " Now we swing the hat " (song) in Liedertafel - Table Songs: from Berlin to Weimar and back again, ( aural / CD: Rheine, clouds sound -Verlag Sl, FDS music production, 2000, ISBN 3-934115-06 - 3)
  • "In the evening, when you go out of the tavern " (song)
  • "Now we swing the hat " (song)
  • " Awakening ", op 7
  • Thème de sky: An Alexis send ' I love you / varié et Dedie par à Madame la Comtesse Louise de Stollberg, Berlin, Gröbenschütz & Seiler, 1816
  • Johann Wilhelm Jacob Bornemann: The Waidmännische Saint Hubertus hard / hunting with additions of Bornemann and hunting songs by Zelter, Rungenhagen and Spiker, Berlin, Printed in Decker 's go. Top Hofbuchdruckerei, 1829
  • " Peace cantata " Berlin, Printed by W. Dieterici, 1816
  • " Te Deum ", Berlin, Printed by W. Dieterici, 1816
  • 2 Poems of Voss " At Selma " and Klopstock " Lyda " poem set to music (no date)
  • "Sweet Ahndungsschauer slide " (L. Tieck ), a poem set to music (no date)
  • " Selmar and Selma " ( Klopstock ), ( no date)
  • " Stabat mater dolorosa " (with Latin and German text ) for two sopranos and one alto, Op 24, ( German translation, grain). Piano reduction by the composer, Berlin, Trautwein, 1826
  • Christoph Willibald Gluck ( Author ): [!] Ouverture de l' Opera Alceste / composée par Gluk arrangée a 4 Mains & dediee aux Demoiselles Caroline & Emilie Schulz par CF Rungenhagen
  • Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, 1834
  • Caecilia

Literature (selection )

  • Carl Friedrich Rungenhagen: " News from the life and the music works of Carl Maria von Weber 's: with the very similar images of the same ", Berlin, Trautwein, 1824
  • " Dedicated to the Sing-Akademie: " Paul Emil Henry spoken words in the Sing-Akademie in the coffin of the Lord Director Carl Friedrich Rungenhagen On 24 December 1851 the morning of the preacher Dr. Henry with a few side dishes and Schleiermacher on 18. May. , 1832 held in remembrance of Carl Friedrich Zelter in the Sing-Akademie speech ", Berlin, Decker, 1852
  • Discount CF Rungenhagen, Berlin State Library, Music Department ( media number BF000101747 ), 13 volumes ( 12 volumes his own compositions in the autograph ), 88 letters, 2 Varia
  • Robert Eitner: Rungenhagen, Karl Friedrich. In: General German Biography (ADB ). Volume 29, Duncker & Humblot, Leipzig, 1889, pp. 694-696.

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