Carl Justi

Carl Justi ( born August 2, 1832 in Marburg, † December 9, 1912 in Bonn ) was a German philosopher and art historian.


Carl Justi was one of the few art historians who have devoted themselves to the study and research of Spanish art history in the 19th century. After graduating from high school Philippinum Marburg, he studied theology and philosophy in Berlin. He received his doctorate in philosophy in 1859 with the thesis " The aesthetic elements in the Platonic philosophy." Then he first taught in Marburg. Justi devoted himself to the history of aesthetics since ancient times. 1866 he was appointed associate professor, promoted to full professor in 1869. In 1871 he was transferred for a short time to Kiel. He had an early interest in recent art history, lectured in the subject and in archeology and also traveled to Italy in order to pursue his studies. From 1872 to 1901 he was a professor of art history in Bonn.

Justi represented in the second half of the 19th century, widespread art-historical view that art history is essentially Artist history is. He stands in the tradition of justified by Giorgio Vasari Vitenliteratur. His main work is considered the two -volume treatise on the Spanish painter Diego Velazquez. In addition, he wrote important biographies of Winckelmann, Murillo and Michelangelo, who had a previously in the art historical literature is not usual material wealth and quality of representation. From art collector Philipp von Stosch, he published letters.


1902, the Order Pour le Mérite, he was awarded for Arts and Science and in 1912 he was made an honorary citizen of the city of Bonn.

Justi honor in 1989 "eV Carl Justi Association to promote the art scientific cooperation with Spain, Portugal and Latin America," the launched.


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