Carl Schlechter

Carl Schlechter ( born March 2, 1874 in Vienna, † December 27, 1918 in Budapest) was an Austrian chess player.


Evil was born into a Catholic family in Vienna; at the age of 13 he began playing chess. His first and only chess teacher was the Hungarian chess composer Samuel Gold.

1893 took part in a worse first Master Tournament. In the four tournament he won against the strong Viennese players Marco and Zinkl. Then he asked Marco out to a duel. Here ended draw all 10 games. Schlechter won three times, the Master Tournament of the German Chess Federation: 1900 (together with Pillsbury and Géza Maroczy ), 1904 ( together with Swiderski and Bardeleben ) and 1910.

His strongest phase had worse in the years 1906 to 1911 at this time., He was phased No. 2 in the subsequently calculated world rankings, played in 1910 at the battle for the world championship against Emanuel Lasker in a draw and reached in 1911 with 2764 his best historical Elo number.

In the world championship fight, he was close to a win. Lasker managed only by a victory in the tenth and last game, equalize the fight (1:1, = 8 ) and thus to claim the title. In the last game Schlechter led later named after him worse variant in the Slav Queen's Gambit in the tournament practice. The game has been analyzed in detail because of their enormous sporting importance and exciting history of many grandmasters, among others, Garry Kasparov in his book series " My great predecessors ".

Worse was a professional chess player who possessed next to the chess no fixed source of income. In addition, he was also an avid domino player. In chess, he was considered exceedingly fair and honorable player who refused to take advantage of an unearned benefit, such as a delay of the opponent. He also composed around 40 chess problems, mainly two-and three Züger.

Worse was since 1910 Honorary Member of the German Chess Federation.

In 1995 ( 22nd District ) of the Carl Schlechter pathway was named after him in Vienna's Danube city.


From 1892 to 1918 he designed the chess column in the Vienna General Sport newspaper. 1893 to 1914 he was editor of the chess corner in the Viennese housewives newspaper. From 1912 to 1916 he revised Bilguer 's manual of chess and so prepared the eighth and final edition.


  • Lasker - Schlechter, Berlin 1910, 10th competition game