Carl von Noorden

Carl Friedrich Johannes von Noorden ( born September 11, 1833 in Bonn, † December 25, 1883 in Leipzig ) was a German historian.


Carl Friedrich Johannes von Noorden was a German historian, grandson of Christian Friedrich Nasse. He studied in Bonn, at, inter alia, at Ernst Moritz Arndt, Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann, Johann Wilhelm loebell, in Marburg and Berlin continue especially in Leopold von Ranke linguistics and literature, then history, in 1863 qualified as a lecturer of History in Bonn with a dissertation to Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims, was 1868 Professor of history in Greifswald, 1870 in Marburg, 1873 in Tübingen, 1876 in Bonn and in 1877 in Leipzig. He was the successor of Heinrich Wuttke, was accompanied with the renaming of the Department of History Auxiliary Sciences in the Medieval and Modern History.

His body was transferred to Bonn and his grave is in the old cemetery there. Prior to his academic position as professor of history was von Noorden also literary studies and has published musicological articles and reviews.

Noorden was a member of the Royal Saxon Society of Sciences in Leipzig and in 1874 a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Importance Noorden

Noorden, who, like his friend Wilhelm Maurenbrecher disciple was Heinrich von Sybel also wrote decidedly European political history as universal history. His unfinished masterpiece dedicated to the recent history of Spain, which has received scant attention. The books written by him treat the War of Spanish Succession. His fields of work were mainly the history of 17th and 18th century and the era of Emperor Charles V.. His historical lectures gave to realize that he extended his historical research on the history of Europe. So he published articles or lectures, inter alia, to Mrs. Maintenon, William III. of Orange and Lord Bolingbroke, ie to the political history of England, France and the Netherlands. The papers mentioned have been published in an anthology by Maurenbrecher. A not unimportant essay on Ranke and Macaulay, in: Historical Newspaper 17 (1867 ), pp. 87-138, describes tendencies history of England and also imparts an impression of his critical judgment and sense of justice.

An enduring importance had his historiographical work hard, though never came up real doubts about its scientific value. Even his major work has been relatively little cited, although it was extensive. Although the scientific importance was rated higher by his contemporaries, their aftereffect remained against contemporary colleagues like William Maurenbrecher Moriz Ritter, Heinrich von Treitschke or Georg Voigt. It may be early demise be to blame, which did not allow him the completion of other planned volumes by him to his European history. It is more likely that it has received more for it on Spanish history, as was the case in his time. Another important representatives of German historiography of the 19th century, who worked on the recent history of Spain, Hermann Baumgarten applies.

Noorden was the originator of the founding of the Royal Saxon history department at the University of Leipzig in 1877. Too, in Tübingen, he was instrumental in the institutionalization of a historical seminar. The teaching of history at this university was previously carried out by private companies History, which were sanctioned by the state. Thus, the history of education in Leipzig was given its institutional framework associated with regulated financial resources and a departmental library. In this capacity, is likely its greatest importance for the history of science, have located at least for the Leipzig. Today he is virtually unknown except in specialist circles. His successor on his chair at Leipzig in 1884 Maurenbrecher. Noorden also held lectures in the " Kaufmaenischen club " in Leipzig. Maurenbrecher highlighted the vibrant bold style of the lectures Noorden. The most important pupil Noorden was Karl Lamprecht, with " contributions to the history of French economic life in the 11th century " doctorate at him and the economists Wilhelm Roscher.


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