Carl Wilson

Carl Wilson (born 21 December 1946 in Hawthorne, California; † 6 February 1998 in Los Angeles, California ) was the lead guitarist and singer of the band The Beach Boys.


Carl Wilson joined the band when he was 14 years old and still in high school. The first record in the period from 1961 to 1965, he worked as lead guitarist and harmony vocals. The main voice, he sang his first song in 1965 when Girl Do not Tell Me From the 1966 album Pet Sounds or on the single Good Vibrations, he sang frequently. Carl Wilson was the beginning of the Beach Boys career in the shadow of his brothers Brian and Dennis Wilson. From 1968 to 1973 he composed numerous pieces for the band, he also worked for many songs and albums as a producer. After Brian Wilson 1976 active again returned to the band, Carl Wilson moved back into second place. When Brian Wilson again withdrew a year later, the bandmates Mike Love and Alan Jardine had the rudder firmly contracted in hand and Carl Wilson's role further. On produced by Jardine M.I.U. The album was Carl Wilson barely perceptible, the album was commercially and musically a fiasco for the group. Eventually Carl Wilson to gain weight again, and the next two albums LA (Light Album) and Keepin ' the Summer Alive he again took a more active role.

Carl Wilson wanted to publish in the 1980s, new material, while his bandmates so were content to go on tour and play the old hits. So he went in 1981 at the Beach Boys and released two R & B solo albums. Both albums but sold only moderately. After his debut album, Carl Wilson was only able to place in the rear top 100 of the U.S. Billboard charts, urged his record company for his second album at least a single, which was in the charts. What You Do to Me reached rank 72, but the album did not sell better.

After the death of Dennis Wilson Carl Wilson was on his solo career and returned to the band. On the 1985 album The Beach Boys, he again joined the Beach Boys compositionally in appearance.

Besides his work with the Beach Boys Carl Wilson was active for many artists as a singer. He also produced an album in 1970 for the South African group The Flame, which was released on the label Brother Records. In 1977 he took up the singing career of Ricci Martin, for whom he produced the album Bleached and composed.

In 1997 it was announced that Carl Wilson had cancer. Nevertheless, he made the '97 world tour with the group yet for the most part. Wilson had weakened from chemotherapy, hold the concerts in sitting and needed by almost every song oxygen. Only God Only Knows he sang standing.

Already in 1993, Wilson had begun with his friends Robert Lamm ( Chicago) and Gerry Beckley (America) in the work on a joint album. By touring commitments of the three groups, the recordings were postponed. After Wilson's death it led Lamm and Beckley alone at the end. The album was released in 2000 under the title Like a Brother and sold very weak. Carl Wilson is on the album with five pieces, including I Wish for You, his last song, written for his sons. The title song Like a Brother, he devoted his two brothers. 1997 Brian Wilson asked his brother, on his solo album participate imagination, but to do it came to that.

Carl Wilson died in February 1998 from lung cancer. After the death of Dennis Wilson in 1983 and the final departure of Brian Wilson in 1988 there was now no more Wilson in the Beach Boys.

In 2004, Brian Wilson solo album Gettin in Over My Head out on the title Soul Searchin 'is to be found. This was the last Beach Boys song for which Carl Wilson had in 1996 recorded the lead vocal.

Carl Wilson was married twice. In 1966 he married Annie Hinsche. From this marriage the sons Jonah and Justyn Wilson come. In 1987 he married Gina Martin, daughter of Dean Martin.

Carl Wilson Foundation - Walk against Cancer

After his death, Carl Wilson Foundation was founded. These organized under the title "Walk against Cancer " charity concerts and other events. The benefit concerts appeared alongside Brian Wilson and Carl Wilson's sons, on her band In Bloom, Eric Clapton, Heart, Neil Diamond and other known and unknown artists. The aim of the foundation is to raise money for cancer research and to support people financially who are affected by cancer. The management and organization of the Foundation is responsible for Carl Wilson's sons Jonah and Justyn Wilson.

Discography ( Solo)

  • Carl Wilson ( 1981)
  • Youngblood (1983 )
  • Like a Brother ( 2000) ( with Gerry Beckley and Robert Lamm )

Other projects (selection)

  • Tom Petty - Wildflowers ( 1994/Gesang ), She's the One ( 1996/Gut String Guitar )
  • America - View from the Ground ( 1982/Gesang )
  • Elton John - Greatest Hits ( 1976/Gesang ), Caribou ( 1996/Gesang )
  • Warren Zevon - I'll Sleep When I Am Dead ( 1996/Gesang ), Warren Zevon ( 1976/Gesang )
  • Olivia Newton-John - Soul Kiss ( 1985/Gesang )
  • David Lee Roth - Crazy from the Heat ( 1985/Gesang )
  • David Cassidy - The Higher They Climb ( 1975/Gesang )
  • Joan Jett - Good Music ( 1986/Gesang )
  • Timothy B. Schmit - Playin ' It Cool ( 1984/Gesang )
  • Christopher Cross - Another Page ( 1983/Gesang )
  • The Flame ( 1970/Produzent/Keyboard )
  • Chicago - VII, VIII, IX, X, XI ( 1974-1978/Gesang )
  • Robert Lamm - In My Head ( 1999/Gesang )
  • Lake - Lake II ( 1978/Gesang )
  • Cass Elliot - Cass Elliot ( 1971/Gesang )
  • Ricci Martin - Beached ( 1977/Gesang, producer, songwriter )