Carleton University

45.3831 - 75.6976Koordinaten: 45 ° 22 ' 59 " N, 75 ° 41' 51" W The Carleton University is a Canadian University in Ottawa.

At the university, founded in 1942, more than 25,000 students are served by about 3,500 professors and staff. Current Chancellor Charles Chi, the President welcomed Roseann Runte.


Carleton was founded in 1942 as the first non-denominational private university in Ontario. It is named after the former Carleton County, which included, inter alia, Ottawa.

After the Second World War, Carleton grew strongly by returning soldiers and in 1952 converted by the Carleton University Act in a state university.

The former Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Lester Pearson was from 1969 until his death in 1972 Chancellor of the University having previously had a professorship there. Even today, a bar on campus is named after him.


  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Engineering and Design
  • Administrative Sciences
  • Natural sciences
  • Business Administration and Management ( Sprott School of Business )
  • Graduate Studies and Research


Since 1969, Carleton has a campus on the banks of the Rideau Canal. Adjacent to the buildings for teaching and research, he has eleven dormitory buildings, which are named after (former) Eastern Ontario counties, a cafeteria, several cafes and pubs, and extensive sports facilities. Almost all the buildings are connected by a five- kilometer-long tunnel system. Thus, it is possible to achieve almost any weather protected place on campus the students and the staff.

The campus is in the west and north by the Rideau Canal, bounded on the east by the Bronson Avenue and on the south by the Rideau River. In this region is a railway line, which is occasionally used by the O -Train and freight trains. In addition to the maintenance of the O -Trains of the campus is also served by several bus lines of OC Transpo. The campus is a neighborhood within the Capital Ward. The surrounding districts are The Glebe in the north and northeast, Old Ottawa South to the east (also in Capital Ward), Confederation Heights in the south, Courtland Park in the southwest, the Central Experimental Farm in the west and Dow 's Lake to the northwest (each River Ward).


The crews of the Carleton Ravens play for East Division of the Ontario University Athletics within the Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Local rivals the Ravens are the Gee- Gees at the University of Ottawa. Particularly successful is the basketball team that won the national title several times in recent years. 2013 adopted after several years of interruption, a new football team on the game mode.

Previous Chancellor

Known graduates

  • Dan Aykroyd ( b. 1952 ), Canadian actor
  • Michael Cowpland ( born 1943 ), entrepreneur and co-founder of Corel
  • Peter Grünberg ( * 1939), German physicist
  • Lawrence Krauss (born 1954 ), American physicist and science communicator
  • John Manley ( born 1950 ), Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Lester Pearson (1897-1972), Canadian politician and diplomat
  • Hani Rashid (born 1958 ), Canadian architect
  • Karim Rashid ( born 1960 ), American designer
  • Shane Smith, Canadian journalist, co-founder of Vice