Carlisle United F.C.

Carlisle United ( officially: Carlisle United Football Club ) - also known as The Cumbrians, Blue Army, or The Blues - is an English football club from the county of Cumbria, since the start of 2006/07 season in the Football League One, the third highest English football league plays.


Carlisle United in 1903 was formed by a merger of United with Shaddongate Carlisle Red Rose. From 1905, the club initially played in the second division of the Lancashire Combination, after a year of promotion to the local first division.

In 1928 Carlisle was inducted into the Football League Third Division and assigned to the North. At that time there was no regular promotion to the Football League, but the members of the League voted on whether the table last of the lowest professional league will remain in the league, or a new club should be included. Carlisle United sat in coordination with 33:11 voices against the former League club Durham City by. Upon formation of the new Fourth Division in 1958, the club came into this new lowest professional league. 1962 reached the summit in the third division and Carlisle United for the first time did not play in the respective lowest professional league. 1974/75 playing the blues for a year in the First Division, the then English top flight. Although you had to descend immediately as 22, but this is a year of excellence is still regarded as the greatest success of the club.

Low point of the club's history was the descent into the Conference National in 2004, when you had to leave the Football League after 76 years of continuous membership. Just one year later, however, managed to return to professional football as the winner of the play-offs. 2006, the club was even at first master of the Football League Two, creating the second rise in a row.

Outside the League area the semi-finals in the League Cup in 1970 was remarkable. For this year, the attendance record of the Cumbrians, as in the fifth round of the FA Cup comes against Middlesbrough FC (1:2) on February 7, 1970 were 27,500 spectators.

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