Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma

Carlos Hugo of Bourbon- Parma ( born April 8, 1930 in Paris, † August 18, 2010 in Barcelona), Duke of Parma, inherited the claims of the Carlist antikings the Spanish Bourbons, but maintained by the de facto restoration of the Spanish monarchy in favor of the ruling king Juan Carlos I of Spain. Since 1977, his younger brother Don Sixto Enrique of Bourbon- Parma rises (* 1940), until her death in 1984 with the support of the common parent, can claim the title of the Carlist pretender to the throne, because Carlos Hugo went through his left -wing politics lost its rights.

Origin and Title

Carlos Hugo was the eldest son of Duke Francis Xavier of Bourbon- Parma (1889-1977) and his wife Madeleine nee Princess of Bourbon- Busset (1898-1984), daughter of Georges de Bourbon- Busset, Count of Lignières. He was baptized in the name Hugues Xavier Marie sixte Robert Louis Jean Georges Benoît Michel. In 1963 he was named Charles Hugues (Spanish Carlos Hugo, Dutch Karel Hugo and Carel Hugo).

Carlos Hugo was honored with the title: Duke of Parma and Piacenza, from 1957 Prince of Asturias, 1961-1963 Duke of San Jaime, Duke of Madrid in 1964, recipient of the Order of the Golden Fleece and a carli matic rival king from 1975 Carlos Hugo I.

About his father, Carlos Hugo was a first cousin of both Otto von Habsburg (1912-2011) and the former Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg ( b. 1921 ).

Marriage and descendants

He officially announced his engagement on 9 February 1964, the Dutch Princess Irene ( born 1939 ), daughter of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands ( 1909-2004 ) and her husband Prince Bernhard ( 1911-2004 ), known. The marriage without the consent of Dutch Parliament, dissolved in the Netherlands from a scandal. Irene lost officially belonging to the royal family and the right of succession.

The wedding took place on 29 April 1964 in Rome instead ( celebrant was Cardinal Paolo Giobbi ), 1981, she was divorced. The marriage produced four children:

The children were in 1996 as Prince or Princess of Bourbon- Parma ( de Bourbon de Parme officially ) incorporated into the Dutch nobility.