Carlsberg papyrus

The Papyrus Carlsberg 1 (also pCarlsberg 1, PC1) contains texts of Nut, probably AD from Tebtynis from the second century. For the first time the content of PC1 in 1940 was published. Another publication followed in 1960.

It is a hieratic text with demotic translation and demotischem comment. The papyrus consists of seven columns, four recto and verso, each with three 44 characters. PC1 is largely preserved up to the beginning.

The papyrus has a length of 67.5 cm, a side height of about 30 cm; the height of the font mirror is 24.8 cm. The column width varies from 14.3 to 17.2 cm. The columns themselves have the following distribution: recto verso III = V, recto verso II = VI, recto verso I = VII; recto IV stands on its own and has no corresponding verso entry.

The text covers in demotic script, the groove pattern. The dean lists are missing. The papyrus ends with demolition after the first sentence of the moon chapter.