Carmen Dragon

Carmen Dragon ( born July 28, 1914 in Antioch, California, † March 28, 1984 in Los Angeles ) was an American conductor, arranger and film composer.


Carmen Dragon began his career as an arranger of the orchestra by Meredith Willson. In addition to live performances, he was especially active in radio, for which he later received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ( 6104 Hollywood Boulevard). From 1941 he also composed film music in Hollywood. For his work for the film musical There the goddess ( Cover Girl, 1944) dances with Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly, he won along with Morris Stoloff the Academy Award for Best Music in a movie musical.

Over the years, he has conducted various orchestras, such as the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, with whom he recorded many records for Capitol Records, Capitol Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. 1950 Dragon Member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ( ASCAP ), the American equivalent of the German GEMA.

Carmen Dragon died in 1984 at the age of 69 years in Los Angeles from cancer and was at the San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, California, buried. Three of his five children followed in his footsteps musical: son Daryl Dragon ( born 1942 ) was during the 1970s, a keyboardist with the Beach Boys, and together with his wife, singer Toni Tennille, the musical duo Captain & Tennille. Daughter and namesake Carmen Dragon (1948-2010) was a successful pianist and harpist. Dennis Dragon was the drummer of the rock band The Surf Punks.

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