Carmen Laforet

Carmen Laforet ( born September 6, 1921 in Barcelona, † 28 February 2004 in Madrid) was a Spanish writer.


Born in Barcelona, Carmen Laforet moved at the age of two years to the Canary Islands, where she spent her childhood and youth, because her father was in Las Palmas architect. She studied philosophy at Barcelona and law at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, but broke with 21 years of their studies. In Madrid, she married the journalist and literary critic Manuel Cerezales, with whom she had five children.

At the age of 19 she became famous overnight when she first Premio Nadal won in 1944 for her first novel Nada. In the same year published three editions of the book, which is a classic of Spanish post-war literature to date. 1948 brought the young writer also for the Premio Fastenrath the Real Academia Española.

In 1952 she published a new novel, La Isla y los Demonios, based on their own experience in the Canary Islands. La mujer nueva (1955 ), in which she treats her "conversion" to Catholicism, won the 1956 Premio Nacional de Literatura and the Premio de Novela Menorca 1955. Insolacion La (1963 ) should be the first volume of a trilogy entitled Tres Pasos fuera del Tiempo be.

In 1965 she traveled to the USA and later published the essay Mi primer viaje a USA ( 1981) about these experiences; there also they learned the Spanish exile writer José Ramón know transmitter, with which she used an interesting exchange of letters.

In 1970 she separated from her husband, which also earned her economic difficulties.

She suffered for more than 20 years of Alzheimer's disease and died on 28 February 2004 in Madrid.


Carmen Laforet was a major writer in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. For her to today's important novel Nada ( Dt. Nada, Baden -Baden 1992), she received the 1944 Nadal Prize for Literature.

Laforet published in the 1960s, only two other novels. From an announced trilogy only La ( The sunstroke ) The second part of Al volver la esquina insolacion appeared in 1963. (The walk around the corner), she finished though, the proofs she never gave her publishing back however. In May 2004, the novel was finally published posthumously. 2006 saw the German translation of her book La isla y los demonios ( The island and the demons ).


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