Croatian Academic and Research Network ( CARNet ) is a network for academic research in Croatia. It has its headquarters in Zagreb and five other cities in Croatia.

Task of CARNet is "to provide the infrastructure, the knowledge and the necessary resources for individuals and for organizations available that are necessary for an information society in Croatia" is.

The activities of the carnet include the development and maintenance of the national academic network, the connection to international networks and building of the national network infrastructure, including all work required to do so. The activities of the carnet are closely connected with those of SRCE, the University of Zagreb computers.


A previous project was initiated by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology in 1991. In November 1992, the first international communication link from Zagreb has been switched to Austria and Croatia thus connected to the Internet. CARNet was the first Internet Service Provider in Croatia. In early 1993 CARNet was assigned the management of the top -level domain. Hr. In 1995, the facility was officially opened CARNet by a government decision.

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