Carobbio degli Angeli

Carobbio degli Angeli is a municipality in the Province of Bergamo in the Italian region Lombardy with 4608 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).


Carobbio degli Angeli is located 13 km southeast of the provincial capital of Bergamo and 60 km northeast of the city of Milan.

The neighboring municipalities are Bolgare, Chiuduno, Gandosso, Gorlago, Grumello del Monte and Trescore Balneario.


Carobbio degli Angeli has Roman origins. From the 14th century the town had its own castle for defense. Later, the church was transferred to the territory of the Republic of Venice. In its current form, the place since 1928 through the merger of Carobbio and Santo Stefano degli Angeli.


  • The hallmark of the community is the Castello degli Angeli ( the Castel Sant'Angelo ). Visible, the castle is well into the surrounding plains. The building has suffered greatly over the centuries by its defensive character.
  • Another notable building is the Villa Riccardi, which was formerly used by the Bishops of Bergamo, due to their location in the landscape, for their vacations.
  • The parish church of Carobbio from the 18th century is dedicated to San Pancrazio. It contains works of art by artists originating from the environment Francsco Zucco.

Pictures of Carobbio degli Angeli