Carola Hornig

Carola Hornig ( born April 30, 1962 in Staffelde, today Stendal, as Carola Miseler ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic. 1988 she succeeded in foursomes with control women's Olympic victory.

Carola Miseler from SC Berlin- Grunau won in 1979 at the Junior World Championships in the quad. In 1982, she first appeared at the World Rowing Championships in adult category and labeled with the eight third place. The following year, she got together with Iris Rudolph, Claudia Noack and Sigrid Anders from the back in the quad, along with control Carola Richter won the boat the title at the World Championships in Duisburg. In 1984 she won in the GDR championships in both the four and aft, at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, she was unable to attend because of the Olympic boycott.

In 1985, she launched after her marriage as Carola Hornig. Both in 1985 and in 1986 she won silver at the World Championships in eighth. In 1987, she sat in the newly formed four with coxswain, which was composed of Berlin and Leipzig rowers. Birte Siech, Martina Walther, Gerlinde Doberschütz, Carola Hornig and tax Sylvia Müller won at the World Championships in Copenhagen in 1987 the silver medal behind the Romanian boat. At the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988, the five rowers won gold in front of the boats from China and Romania.

In addition to her Olympic gold medal and their five world championship medals won Carola Hornig 1983-1988 seven East German champion. For her Olympic victory in 1988 she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold. This medal she had already received in 1984. In 1986, she was honored with the Star of People's Friendship in silver.