Caroline Bonaparte

Caroline Bonaparte ( * March 25, 1782 in Ajaccio, Corsica, † May 18, 1839 in Florence), is actually Maria Annunziata Carolina Bonaparte was Queen of Naples and the youngest sister of Napoleon Bonaparte.

She went with her family in 1793 to France. There she fell in love with Joachim Murat, a general of her brother, whom she married in 1800.

Ambitious and power-hungry as her brother, she was (in each case by the appointment of her husband, at her instigation ) 1806 Grand Duchess of Cleves and Berg and 1808 Queen of Naples. Caroline is to retain key statesmen in itself understood; so Junot, Talleyrand and Fouché were among her friends.

The Birth of Napoleon II destroys her hope that her eldest son Napoleon Achille Murat could follow her brother. So they formed an alliance with Napoleon's enemy, Clemens von Metternich, who tried in vain after the 100 days to save Murat's throne.

Murat was shot on October 13, 1815 in Pizzo in Calabria by order of the Bourbon king Ferdinand IV was released. His widow fled to Austria and lived since then as Countess of Lipona on the Villa Campo Marzo at Trieste. She died on 18 May 1839 in Florence.


  • Napoleon Achille Murat (1801-1847), ∞ 1826 Catherine Willis
  • Laetitia Murat Joseph (1802-1859), ∞ 1823 Marchese Guido - Taddeo Pepoli
  • Napoleon Lucien Charles Murat (1803-1878), 1831 Caroline Georgina Fraser ∞, with whom he had six children
  • Louise Julie Murat (1805-1889), ∞ Conte Giulio Rasponi

In film and television

In the miniseries Napoleon by Yves Simoneau Caroline Bonaparte played by Marie Bäumer.

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