Caroline Link

Caroline Link ( born June 2, 1964 in Bad Nauheim ) is a German film director. Her feature film Nowhere in Africa won Best Foreign Language Film in 2003 with an Oscar.


After her school days and a one-year stay in America Link 1984 gathered for a few months technical film experience during an internship in the Bavaria Film in Munich. She studied from 1986 to 1990 at the University of Television and Film Munich in the Department of documentary and then worked as an assistant director and scriptwriter.

In addition to the short film " Colorful Flowers" (1988 ) she turned in 1989 as co-director of the documentary The happiness to touch on the disappointing encounter a Jürgen Drews - fans with his idol. As a graduation film at the HFF in 1990 before she put the movie summer days, which tells of the first love of a 16 year old boy. The film was awarded at the Hof Film Festival with the Kodak Award.

After studying the link worked as a screenwriter, she wrote for the Bavaria Film two screenplays for the crime series The Investigator. In 1992, she turned for ZDF Kalle the dreamer, a children's film about a lonely boy who dreams everyday life more beautiful with his fertile imagination. In the same year she started with my first research work on the screenplay for the film Beyond Silence, which she introduced in 1996 and resulted in different prices (Bavarian Film Awards, German Film Awards, German Film Awards, German Video Prize ) won. With this film, she was nominated for an Oscar in 1998 for the first time.

After the children's film dots and Anton (1999, based on a novel by Erich Kästner ) was left next big hit movie Nowhere in Africa (2001, according to an autobiographical novel by Stefanie Zweig ), who won the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2003. Due to illness of her daughter she could not answer even the price.

In November 2008, her film came out a year in the cinemas, which is based on a novel by Scott Campbell in winter. For her ensemble Link won, among others, Karoline Herfurth, Corinna Harfouch and Josef Bichler beer. She worked in two films with the actors Sylvie Testud, Matthias Habich, Hansa and Juliane Köhler Czypionka together.

Link is a board member of the Association Children for a Better World. The crew of the film Nowhere in Africa by director link Mukutani founded the Foundation for long-term aid villagers at the scene of the film even after the end of filming. Together with World Vision Germany they built a road to Mukutani. Link supports World Vision also as prominent children's godmother. Since 2004 she has been awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit.

Link lives with her partner, the director Dominik Graf, and their daughter (* 2002) in Munich.



In addition to her film Nowhere in Africa in 2003 was awarded the German contribution to the Oscar in the category Best Foreign Language Film. Her film Beyond Silence was nominated in 1998 in the same category for an Oscar.

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