Caroline of Hesse-Homburg

Caroline Louise of Hesse- Homburg ( born August 26, 1771 in Bad Homburg, † June 20, 1854 in Rudolstadt ) was ruler of the principality of Schwarzburg -Rudolstadt.


Caroline was the daughter of Landgrave Friedrich V of Hesse- Homburg and his wife Caroline of Hesse -Darmstadt. Her formal training was simple and thoroughly, paying attention to religious education. She married on July 21, 1791 in Homburg Prince Ludwig Friedrich II of Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt Schwarzburg out of the house. Karoline was highly educated and had considerable influence on the artistic life of the residence.

Before the battle of Saalfeld, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia spent the night before at the princely family. On his last night reported the princess in her diary. With the death of her husband in 1807 she became regent for her infant son Friedrich Günther. The Principality occurred shortly before the beginning of the reign Karolines at the Confederation of the Rhine. After attaining the age of majority in 1814, her son showed an interest other than the government. Karoline had strong influence on government decisions in the country, which in 1816 received a constitution in 1835 and the German Customs Union during whose reign.

Significant events of her reign were the establishment of an educational institution by Friedrich Froebel in Keilhau, and the establishment of a kindergarten in 1840 by him in Blankenburg. Karoline Luise was acquainted with Goethe, Schiller and Wilhelm von Humboldt and. Lively in epistolary intercourse The latter called it a " woman, how to find them rarely ." She left behind a sizable collection of his own drawings and watercolors, which are of high artistic quality and release of their romantic interest in nature testimony. So numerous watercolors show the landscape park around the Castle Homburg. Also, there are sketches of her travels and walks.

Caroline died on 20 June 1854 in Rudolstadt.


From her marriage to Ludwig Friedrich had the following children:

  • Cecilia (1792-1793)
  • Friedrich Günther I. (1793-1867), Prince of Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt
  • Thekla (1795-1861)
  • Karoline (* / † 1796)
  • Albert I (1798-1869), Prince of Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt
  • Bernhard (1801-1816)
  • Rudolf (1801-1808)