Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor

Caroline Schermerhorn Astor, also known as The Mrs. Astor ( born September 22, 1830 in New York City; † October 30, 1908 at Beechwood in Newport, Rhode Iceland ) was a legendary grande dame of New York society and Newporter. Mrs. Caroline Astor certain social life on the East Coast. Only someone who has been charged by her to the house ball, was one of the most prominent families of the United States in the late 19th century.


Caroline Schermerhorn came from a wealthy merchant family, whose ancestors were among the first settlers of Dutch origin in New York. Her childhood revolved around perfect behavior and the social representation. She was taught entirely at home by governesses and tutors with the help of his grandfather's library.

In 1881, the couple bought Astor Beechwood Mansion in Newport, leaving the estate of the renowned architect Richard Morris Hunt remodel for two million dollars. Beechwood became the center of social life in Newport during the summer months.

The highlight of the season was the Summer Ball of the Astors. Since the ballroom of the family took only 400 people, Caroline Astor developed with the help of Samuel Ward McAllister, the famous " Four Hundred " list. On the list only influential families and individuals whose line was traced back at least three generations were.

Marriage and issue

In 1853, Caroline Schermerhorn married in New York businessman William Backhouse Astor Jr. ( 1830-1892 ), the younger son of William Backhouse Astor and grandson of the legendary company founder Johann Jacob Astor. From the joint compound produced five children:

  • Emily (1854-1881) ∞ 1875 James J. Van Alen
  • Helen Schermerhorn (1855-1893) ∞ 1878 James Roosevelt Roosevelt
  • Charlotte Augusta (1858-1920)
  • Caroline Schermerhorn (1861-1948) ∞ 1884 Marshall Orme Wilson
  • John Jacob IV (1864-1912 in the sinking of the Titanic )