Carpin is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Neustrelitz country located in the not office belonging Neustrelitz.

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The territory of Carpin located in the Natural Park Feldberg Lakes, the southern part of the 101 meter high gallows and the Schweingartensee in the east of Neustrelitz lying offshoot of the Müritz National Park. In addition to the Rödliner lake that does not belong to the municipality, the area is characterized by so many other lakes the Schweingartensee and Carpiner lake within the lake district and a hilly, densely forested landscape in the west. The highest point in the municipality are the Serrahner mountains with 113.7 m above sea level. NHN.

Community structure

To Carpin include the districts

  • Bergfeld
  • Dianenhof
  • Georgenhof
  • Gold Tree
  • Gold Baumer mill
  • Serrahn
  • Stone mill
  • Thurow
  • Zinow


In a deed dated February 3, 1393 the city was first mentioned Carpin. In the deed the villages Bergfeld, gold tree and Carpin include listed. The village Carpin is however much older and - like many places in the area - Slavic origin. In the municipality Carpins archaeological investigations were carried out in 1996, the result of which could be documented settlement remains that have been dated to 4000 years before Christ. This means that the place is well- Carpin on the oldest known settlement area in Mecklenburg. In Bergfeld also Stone Age finds have been discovered during excavations. The name Carpin has its origins in the Slavonic language ( altpolabisch ). Carp (also Karp ) means thing, logs in the water. Together with the suffix - in Carpin means carp. The place has been called in this sense then.

It is particularly striking that Carpin and some neighboring places (like Serrahn and Bergfeld ) no churches. These were destroyed during the Thirty Years War and then not rebuilt.

In Carpin built Grand Duke Georg 1883, the Swiss hunting lodge house where he died in 1860. The hunting lodge was Pentecost destroyed in 1945 by arson.


On 1 July 2002 the places Thurow and Zinow were made ​​and incorporated into the parish Carpin from the dissolved municipality Rödlin - Thurow.


  • Gutsschlösschen in the district Bergfeld (originally widow seat)
  • Old blacksmith at Bergfeld - since 1985 home office and since the 1990s Observatory for the Müritz National Park
  • In the forest with gold tree the approximately 700 -year-old neighborhood Goede - Rich oak is found, reminiscent of the popular hunting writer and Forstmann. He had lived as a son of the forester in gold tree from 1923 to 1927.
  • Cairns in the forest south of Gold Tree

Church in Gold Tree

Church in Thurow

Transport links

The Federal Highway 198 from Neustrelitz Uckermark Prenzlau performs Carpin. The community is located near railroad tracks Neustrelitz Thurow and Thurow - Feldberg, it has ceased operations in 2000. The nearest train stations are in Neustrelitz and Blankensee.