Carry On Nurse

41 degree love (Original Title: Carry on Nurse) is a second film from the series of Carry-on ... movies a parody of hospital movies.


The " everyday " madness in Haven Hospital. The hospital is run with an iron hand by the head nurse, the patient, doctors and nurses under control. But this time there are a lot of crazy patients in the male ward, making the personal life difficult: Bernie Bishop, an uptight Boxer, Oliver Reckitt, a bookworm, Hinton, the giggelnd hear all the time radio and last but not least the crazy General, holds all the sisters on their toes. When it comes to romance between one of the few normal patients, Ted York, and the pretty student nurse Dorothy Denton in order to uphold moral rules the head nurse to be broken. As the head nurse here wants to engage with an iron hand, there is an uprising of the patients, which forces the head nurse, not to stand in the way of the young fortune elsewhere.


The second film of Carry on ... series lays the foundation for what is to follow. The performers are assigned to slow fixed roles they vary in the following movies often. Many of the stars and minor celebrities are seen here already. Now and then even flashes a bit of anarchist humor, which will award the series in its classical phase. Ultimately, however, the film is still a fairly betuliches comedy with no real highlights, in part somewhat immature in his figure drawing. Director Gerald Thomas follows for the first time his successful brother Ralph Thomas ( Doctor film series) into the genre of medicine movies that should be parodied in this series two more times ( The totally crazy Hospital and The totally crazy madhouse )


" The men's ward of a British hospital jolly as the backdrop for a series of naive situation grotesque. There occur: a kußfreudiger reporter; a general with Spleen; a high stack Direction construction workers; a nervous children Reicher; a frightened boxer; an embarrassing feminine music lover; a blase intellectuals idiot etc. Either scurrying Messrs. naked and giggling through the gears to dress up as sisters who use toilet paper as streamers or try after champagne pleasure to amputate a foot in the operating room her station comrades. "