A Kartenanamorphote (also Kartenanamorphose ) is a cartographic representation with variable scale. Topological relationships are retained in the figure.

In particular antique maps were often Anamorphotendarstellungen on which the little-explored areas were represented disproportionately small. Conversely, religious and cultural strongholds were often depicted with an exaggerated size on these cards. Even in today's Maps of the city centers are often presented in a slightly enlarged ( fisheye effect ) in order to have enough space for the dense downtown structures. The Maps of the Falk -Verlag in the 1950s and 1960s was this, downtown magnifying, called projection ( representation of the earth's surface on a piece of paper) " hyperboloidal projection ".

Kartenanamorphoten can be used for thematic representations. Here, the size is not proportionally elected to the representation to the actual geometric size, but depending on any attribute (for example, length is proportional to the travel time or space proportional to the number of inhabitants). An example of this is the Isodemographische map that represents the size of countries in proportion to the number of inhabitants. For this thematic representations in English the word is used cartogram, which is not consistent with the importance of the German word cartogram.