Caryn Davies

Caryn Davies ( born April 14, 1982 in Ithaca, New York) is an American rower.

Davies, the team starts for the Radcliffe College Crew, celebrated its first success with the launch of the eighth at the World Rowing Championships in 2002 in Seville, where the boat won the gold medal. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, she won with their team members Katherine Johnson, Sam Magee, Mary Whipple, Megan Dirkmaat, Alison Cox, Anna Mickelson Cummins, Laurel Korholz Lianne Nelson and the silver medal. Two years later, the team succeeded again at the World Rowing Championships in 2006 in Eton winning the World Championship title. Also at the World Rowing Championships 2007 in Munich team managed this success. At the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, the team won the gold medal.

After two years break Davies returned in 2011 back to the boat races and finished with Katherine Glessner in two without coxswain eighth place at the World Rowing Championships 2011 in Bled. At the Olympic Games in London Davies was back in the U.S. eight, who won the gold medal in the cast Erin Cafaro, Zsuzsanna Francia, Esther Lofgren, Taylor pinion, Meghan Musnicki, Elle Logan, Caroline Lind, Caryn Davies and Mary Whipple.