Cashback website

A cash back system (English cashback literally " cash back ") is a loyalty program, the classic bonus programs such as Happy Points and Webmiles differs in that no discount points are accumulated, but money is paid out. The credit will be credited virtually. As a rule, the user can make it pay off in the request. The largest cashback service provider in Germany are aklamio, Andasa, iGraal, Tamola, Qipu and yingiz.


In Cashback systems, the credit will be credited on a virtual account. Most cashback systems pay the commissions collected from an amount of between 1 € and 20 € from the bank account. This is made possible monetary transfer to the customer through affiliate marketing, and more specifically the brokerage commission per sale. A portion of the brokerage commission retains the cashback system and is financed by it. The size of the payment to the customer amount depends on the business model of the cashback system and its contract with the Partner Store.


Cashback systems were almost the same time with affiliate marketing. First they came on in the UK, where there are now over 40 cashback portals on the Internet. They are there serious competition for retail. The cashback Quidco system, established in 2005 is now 3.5 million users, the largest in the UK. Microsoft offered cash back on since 2008, but the field of activity Cashback program abandoned.

Privacy Policy

The personal data provided by the customer to a registration form at the cashback system. In some cashback programs, there is also a ( until the date of payment ) temporary anonymous use. Unlike many loyalty programs and customer cards as Payback many cashback providers refrain from creating profiles on the spending habits of its users, or to pass data to third parties.