Castle Rock Entertainment

Castle Rock Entertainment (formerly known as CR for short) is a former American film production company that was founded in 1987 by five independent film producers. The former company is now organized as a division of Warner Bros., a subsidiary of Time Warner.


Castle Rock is a fictional town in Maine, where many of Stephen King's stories are located, including the short story The body of the short story collection spring, summer, autumn and death, by the director Rob Reiner in 1986 under the title Stand me - The secret of a summer cinematic transposed (see: Castle rock cycle).

Due to the success of the feature film Reiner founded with four other film producer in 1987, the film production company Castle Rock Entertainment, the Harry and Sally published in 1989 as the first film.

In the first years of Castle Rock Entertainment has worked closely with Nelson Entertainment and Columbia Pictures, together, with the former shares in Castle Rock had. Columbia got the theatrical distribution in the U.S., while Nelson was taking care especially to the home entertainment sales.

Castle Rock sat six King novels to cinematic, including the Academy Award-winning for Best Actress thriller Misery from the year 1990.

When Ted Turner's Turner Broadcasting System ( TBS) 1993 New Line Cinema acquired, it also indirectly acquired the shares in Nelson, which belonged to New Line. TBS sold the shares in Nelson and acquired by the beginning of 1994 Castle Rock Entertainment. This took over Castle Rock / Turner the home entertainment rights and built in collaboration with local film distributors sales offices ( Rank -Castle Rock / Turner in the UK, Concorde -Castle Rock / Turner in Germany, Filmayer -Castle Rock / Turner in Spain).

TBS was merged by the end of 1996 with Time Warner and businesses affected restructured. The number of productions of Castle Rock was severely restricted and the distribution deals abroad were reversed in the course of 1997 due to the withdrawal of Castle Rock.

The distribution agreement with Columbia Pictures was disbanded in 1999, Warner Bros. acquired the U.S. theatrical distribution, while Universal Pictures has been entrusted with the international theatrical distribution, which was handled through United International Pictures (UIP ).

As part of the so-called AOL Time Warner crisis in the entire group was restructured in 2003. This Castle Rock Entertainment was transformed from a semi-autonomous business unit of Time Warner in a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment, which still persists as a brand in particular. The worldwide distribution rights for Castle Rock productions are worked exclusively with Warner.

Movie Library

Based on the company's history, the rights to the Castle Rock productions to different companies distribute.

The rights to productions to 1993 (partly published in 1994 ) remained with Nelson Entertainment. When the company went down, the film rights were taken over by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment ( PFE). PolyGram was sold in 1998 and 1999 by PFE Philips at Seagram. Seagram took over while only the production and distribution company of PFE, PFE, however, sold the film library of Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer ( MGM). Through the acquisition of MGM by Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and Comcast -led consortium, in fact controlled SPE those titles that are still legally belong to MGM.

The rights to productions from 1994 kept with the acquisition by Turner principle Castle Rock itself. These items are therefore now part of the film library of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Exceptions to this general distribution are individual co- productions in which other companies to exercise rights.

Current productions

The few new productions of Castle Rock include Before Sunset, a sequel to the 1995 production of Before Sunrise and the computer-animated film The Polar Express, from which a IMAX 3D version was produced. 2005 provided CR with Miss Congeniality 2, the sequel to the 2000 production Miss Congeniality, a box-office flop from.

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