Castrop-Rauxel Hauptbahnhof

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The station Castrop -Rauxel Hauptbahnhof is located in the center of the formerly independent city Rauxel, today Castrop -Rauxel. In the center of the other, formerly independent city of Castrop is the railway station Castrop -Rauxel South.


The train station is on the railway line Duisburg- Dortmund, the former Cologne -Minden Railway Company, a portion of their regular route of ( Cologne ) Deutz to Minden. With the opening of this section on May 15, 1847, first the breakpoint Castrop was handed over to the passenger, and extended to 1862 to the railway station with freight handling.

End of the 19th century was the first renamed Rauxel, the train station is in the center of which to this day. Following local government reform in the mid-20th century, which led to the merger of the towns and Castrop Rauxel, the station was given its importance for the new town was renamed again in Castrop -Rauxel Hbf

Former railway station Castrop the Emscher Valley Railway


The central station Castrop -Rauxel is connected to the local public and regional transport. Once every hour goes the Regional-Express line RE 3 " Rhein- Emscher- Express" to Dortmund Hbf and Hamm ( Westphalia ) eastwards and pan -Eickel Hbf, Gelsenkirchen Hbf, Oberhausen Hbf, Duisburg Hbf to Dusseldorf main station

Furthermore, the inverted S- Bahn Rhein -Ruhr with the line S 2 runs east to Dortmund Hbf at 20- minute intervals. Westwards it only goes up to Herne in 20 -minute intervals. While one train per hour branches to Recklinghausen Hbf, take the other two to Gelsenkirchen Hbf, where a further splitting of the line to Duisburg Hbf Essen Hbf is made.

More breakpoints next to the main train station are Castrop -Rauxel South and Castrop- Rauxel Merklinde, there runs the regional train line RB 43 " Emscher Valley Railway " from Dortmund Hbf via Herne to Dorsten every hour. This line runs not Castrop -Rauxel Hauptbahnhof!

Rail transport in Castrop -Rauxel Hbf is performed by DB Regio NRW. The route of the Emscher Valley Railway, however, was taken to the timetable change in December 2006 by the North Western Railway.

Public transport

In Castrop -Rauxel drive a total of 16 bus routes BOGESTRA (lines 353, 378), the DSW21 (480, 481, 482, NE11 ), tram Herne - Castrop -Rauxel GmbH (311, 321, 341, 343, 347, 361) and the Vestische trams GmbH (200, 233, 237, SB22 ). The Städteschnellbus ( SB22 ) connects Castrop -Rauxel with dates. In addition, an overnight express line ( NE11 ) operates as a ring line between leakage / Henrichenburg and Dortmund city center. Since May 2011 runs only on Sundays and holidays the Vestische bike bus as line 200 of Castrop- Rauxel to Haltern am See. Most buses leave city limits border. Central Public bus lines is the bus station on Cathedral Square in the Castroper downtown.

The following bus lines the breakpoint Castrop -Rauxel Hauptbahnhof to:

Furthermore, the expansion of the rail line from Dortmund - Westerfilde about Castrop- Rauxel Frohlind, Merklinde and Cathedral Square (bus station) is scheduled to Central Station in the development plan continues.

For the entire public transport tariff of the transport association Rhein- Ruhr applies (VRR ). Collective space -border shall be the NRW - tariff.


6:03 ET, the euro train leaves the main station as RE3 direction Dusseldorf (2010)

BR 425 of the DB as RE3 direction Dusseldorf, BR 422 of the DB as S2 direction Dortmund ( 2009)

Breakpoint Castrop- Rauxel Merklinde