The town of Castrop is since 1 April 1926 the district of the city of Castrop -Rauxel.


The name can be derived from the words trop / torp for village and chasto / kast derived for storage as " village at the store ." The oldest documentary evidence of the name comes from the year 834, Castrop was called Villa Castorpe.

Castrop was collected in 1470 by the Duke of Cleves in the county of Mark to freedom.

After the defeat of Prussia by Napoleon in 1808 Castrop a Mairie in the Ruhr Department. After 1815, Castrop was a mayor or an office in the Prussian province of Westphalia. The Office Castrop temporarily enclosed places of Sodingen and Börnig (now city of Herne ) to Mengede Schwiering Hausen and Deusen (now the city of Dortmund ). It was dissolved in 1902.

From the villages of Castrop, Obercastrop and Behringhausen created on 1 April 1902, the city of Castrop. On April 1, 1926, the city of Castrop with communities Rauxel, Bövinghausen in Castrop, Frohlind, Merklinde, Habinghorst ( previously Office Rauxel ) Bladenhorst, Pöppinghausen ( previously Office Bladenhorst ), parts Deining Stockhausen, things, and leakage ( up to that office was Mengede ) merged to form the new city of Castrop -Rauxel. On April 1, 1928 the rest of Deininghausen was amalgamated into the new city.