Catch 'Em If You Can

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On the Run ( Original title: Catch ' em If You Can) is the 18th episode of the 15th season of the American television series The Simpsons. The episode was erstausgestrahlt on April 25, 2004 Fox before she was seen on 5 February 2005 on ProSieben. She won the 2004 Writers Guild of America Award.


Marge explained to their children that they will visit their depressive great uncle Tyrone in Dayton (Ohio ). Lisa and Bart them are not enthusiastic at all and refuse to go there to fly. On the same day, the family of a love story, but the kids will find it boring and wrong. The next day, Bart and Lisa stay with their grandfather while their parents are at the airport queue. Opposite are the passengers for a flight to Miami snake. Homer and Marge want to spend their weekend together there and fly to Florida. Bart and Lisa see in the meantime the news and learn that in Dayton raging hurricane and directly destroyed the hotel in which their parents have been. Margin calls to their children, to ask how she's doing. Lisa suspects that something is wrong and convinced her brother Bart his grandpa, they drive by car to Miami. At the hotel they are discovered by their parents who flee before them. So the children fly behind over the country their parents until they catch you in the hotel room. Lisa feels guilty and thinks their parents can continue their romance. But coincidentally think Homer and Marge, they continue to be persecuted by their children and hide in a bouncy castle, which falls into the water and the Niagara Falls crashing down. They survive and complete their romance there.

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