Caux, Switzerland

Caux is in the Canton of Vaud 1'054 m above sea level. M. situated spa. It belongs to the political community of Montreux.

Said spa town is usually called in conjunction with the region Rochers de Naye. The place is located in a border area to France and is also known as the Balcony of Lake Geneva. Even the French and Swiss Alps are to overlook good from this place.

The place is well protected from the strong north wind and road noise, and it can be operated in both summer and winter sports. During the Belle Epoque Caux was known by the Grand Hotel and the Hotel Caux Palace, from 1946 international conference center of the Moral Re-Armament ( the change initiatives since 2001 ). The former Grand Hotel de Caux is since 1978 a conference center of the Rosicrucian Community to Bible Rosicrucianum

Among the prominent guests at Caux were, among others Elisabeth of Austria - Hungary ( Sisi ), Konrad Adenauer, Robert Schuman, Michael I of Romania, the Dalai Lama and Kofi Annan. The Swiss cultural manager Claude Nobs lived at his chalet in Caux.