Cayetana Blanca is an indigenous white grape variety in Spain. It is mainly grown in the Extremadura region in the vicinity of the cities of Badajoz and Caceres, but is also in the Rioja known. The fruitful vine provides a very dry and low-alcohol white wine with a neutral character. This is for the most part for the distillation of Brandy de Jerez. To waste it is also often used in the regions of Asturias and Galicia. In Spain, the area under vines is approximately 10,740 hectares. The trend is still rising sharply.

Cayetana Blanca is a variety of the noble vine (Vitis vinifera ). It has hermaphrodite flowers and is thus self- fruiting. When the wine-growing economic disadvantage is avoided, no return delivered to have male plants grow.

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The grape Cayetana Blanca is also known under the name Cayetana Blanca, Calegrano, Cayetana, Cazagal, Naves Cazagal and Tierra de Barros