Cayos Zapatilla

Cayos Zapatilla is an archipelago consisting of two uninhabited islands are surrounded by coral reefs. The islands are located east of the island of Bastimentos in the Bocas del Toro province, the Central American State Panama. Both islands are located within the boundaries of the Marine National Park Bastimentos Island. Zapatilla Norte ( Cayo Zapatilla No. 2) consists of 14 ha ( hectares) and can be explored in about ten minutes. Zapatilla Sur ( Cayo Zapatilla No. 1) is 34 ha ( hectares ) is slightly larger and can be explored in about 30 minutes. Both Zapatilla Norte and Sur Zapatilla are covered with woodlands and palm trees. Four Schlidkrötenarten come every year during the rainy season to the beaches of both islands to nest. For this reason Zapatilla Norte is temporarily used as a basis for scientists to explore the nesting behavior of turtles. The crystal clear waters around the islands is six meters deep at the deepest point and has therefore perfect for snorkeling. Among the fish that can be examined while snorkeling, are among others Atlantic spade fish, groupers, snappers and parrot fish. On Zapatilla Sur can camp beyond free.


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Pictures of Cayos Zapatilla