CBC Television

CBC Television is a Canadian English language television network. It belongs to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and is the oldest national, public television stations in Canada, which is financed by public funds. In addition to Canada, the transmitter can be received in the U.S. cable system, among others.

Program scheme

News and Information

The station broadcasts several times a day current national and international news broadcasts. The most important news program is The National, which reports on current national and international events. The show will be sent daily national wide at 10:00 clock in the evening. The show will be offset in time by one hour broadcast on other regional stations of the CBC network. In the early evening current economic news and local messages are sent 5:00 p.m. to 18:30 clock. The larger CBC news programs are broadcast during the day as follows:. CBC News Morning at 5:00 clock, CBC News Today at 12:00 clock at noon and in the evening at 22:00 The National will be sent. In addition to the messages are weekly magazines such as: the fifth estate and sent documentaries and reports.


Among the most popular sports broadcasts weekly broadcast Hockey Night in Canada is one sporting event that is sent Saturday night, and reports on current hockey games since 1952. Due to the lost tender of the rights of hockey 2004-2005 season, CBC sent several classic movies as a replacement, which were introduced as Movie Night in Canada and Saturday night were broadcast in Canada instead of the Hockey Night. Many viewers criticized this at the transmitter. The transmitter pointed to the lost broadcasting rights. Instead, they decided to send the biggest hockey games of the past, as well as receive other sports and amateur league in the program. Since the basketball, football and other games are sent in addition to the hockey games. Including reports and interviews are reported, among other things with the team the Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC soccer, as well as other amateur teams and important events.


For prime-time evening program series, movies and shows are sent. Among the comedy show Rick Mercer Report, This Hour Has 22 Minutes and and the comedy series Little Mosque on the Prairie. As well as the British drama series The Tudors, the Canadian series Heartland and Intelligence, Coronation Street, Doctor Who, Dragons' Den, The Border. For further program the transmitter include the series Republic of Doyle, Cracked and Murdoch Mysteries. More series and shows, inter alia:

  • Rumours
  • Underdogs
  • Jozi -H
  • The One: Making a Music Star
  • 72 Hours: True Crime


Since 2005, CBC has gradually taken the parallel transmission mode in the new HDTV format. Initially, the major cities have been converted to the new broadcast format, then CBC has begun to supply the smaller cities with HDTV.

  • Toronto: since March 5, 2005
  • Montreal: since February 21, 2005
  • Vancouver: since January 9, 2006
  • Ottawa: since September 13, 2006
  • Edmonton: since April 1, 2011
  • Calgary: since April 1, 2011
  • Halifax: since August 31, 2011
  • Windsor: since August 31, 2011
  • St. John's: since August 31, 2011