Ccaat-enhancer-binding proteins

The CCAAT / enhancer binding proteins ( C / EBP ) are a family of transcription factors that regulate gene expression of enzymes of several metabolic pathways in vertebrates. There are six different human C / EBP, they all bind to the genomic nucleotide sequence of CCAAT, which is found in the promoter region of regulated genes in each case. The C / EBP transcription factors are among the bZIP domain.

C / EBPα is a central regulator of energy metabolism; Mice lacking C / EBPα show a dramatically altered metabolism with hypoglycemia and lack of adipose tissue.

C / EBPβ (LAP ) is involved in the immune response and inflammation and is particularly expressed in T lymphocytes. It can slow down the Zellsprossung both accelerate at the same time shows tumor suppressor -like properties such as protooncogene. In particular C / EBPβ is necessary for the inhibitory effect of TGF- β on the expression of the proto-oncogene Myc protein and regulates the expression of interleukin- sixth

Mice lacking C / EBPδ not form sodium lactate symporter transport proteins in their kidney cells. C / EBPε involved in myelopoiesis, C / EBPγ regulates the expression of G-CSF and C / EBPζ of HSP70.

Pictures of Ccaat-enhancer-binding proteins