CCTV Headquarters

China Central Television Headquarters is a building in Beijing, where the transmission headquarters of state television China Central Television ( CCTV) is housed the People's Republic of China.


In the competition on the architectural competition was demanded that the draft should consist of two towers, one for each of the two main divisions. The architect Ole Scheeren designed for the office OMA, however, a building in which the two towers were connected into one unit. The first designs were not feasible static until they came up with the idea to use an outside steel frame with diagonal bracing and to vary the density depending on the load of the structure. This structure is also emerging in the facade. The statics were later tested on the basis of a large-scale model to its stability with hurricanes and earthquakes.


The CCTV Headquarters are located on a 20 acre property in the central business district (CBD ) in the east of Beijing, which was developed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture.


The British engineering firm Arup calculated the basic parameters of the building load. At times, a team of 400 architects and engineers from different countries worked on the project.


Construction began in 2002. During the shell 5000 construction workers were busy, there were at the beginning of interior finishes 10 000 workers who work 24 hours a day in three shifts.

In December 2007, the two towers were the first to be connected to the shell and the facade of the building were completed for the opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where avant-garde buildings such as the Beijing National Stadium and the National Aquatics Center were also opened.

First commissioning of the main building in October 2009, was planned for the 50th anniversary of CCTV, but could not be met the deadline. The building was completed in May 2012. In the future, some 10 000 people work in the building.

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The CCTV Headquarters will be the second largest office building in the world after the Pentagon after its completion, and it is already regarded as one of the most spectacular buildings of the present day. The building has the shape of an angled loop or a symmetrically fragmented block. It is reached after completion of construction a height of 234 m and comprise 54 floors. If you were the loop " Unfold ", this would be about 800 feet long. The construction cost the equivalent of about 850 million euros.

The spectacular building is built on two diagonally opposed towers. They both have an angle of inclination of each 6 ° and are therefore more inclined than the Leaning Tower of Pisa (3.97 °). Tower 1 has a height of 234 m and 54 floors. At the bottom it is 40 x 60 m in size. The slightly smaller tower 2, however, only has a height of 210 meters with 44 storeys. The surface area is 40 x 52 m is also slightly smaller than the first tower

The two towers bend up from horizontal or L-shaped and then meet up at the bottom right angle. The overhang is 162 m high and consists of nine to thirteen stories in which the line will take its seat.

To the building heard another segment, namely a kind of pedestal on which the whole building is. Its height measures spread over fourteen floors 45 meters, the floor space is 150 x 150 m in size. The CCTV Headquarters also have four underground floors that extend to a depth of 18 m.

The CCTV Headquarters have 473,000 m² of floor space, of which 64,800 m² for the administration, 54,900 m² for multi-purpose rooms, 65,000 m² for sending messages, more 31,800 sqm for further broadcasts, 105,400 m² for the production of posts, 22,500 m² of Service facilities such as canteens or sports rooms. When parking area are 59,700 m² and 11,100 m² of floor space available are still vacant.

The asymmetric lattice structure of the reinforcement in the facade, the silver shines through the opaque window area, supported by Scheeren from the distribution of forces within the structure. Scheeren commented on the statics of the building: " The static system would probably not have been five to ten years before the beginning feasible, simply because the computer analysis methods were not developed enough. "

Television Cultural Center

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Compared to the CCTV Headquarters CCTV let another building by OMA building, the Television Cultural Center ( TVCC ). In the 159 -meter-high building with 34 floors predominantly public institutions are housed, especially a 5 -star hotel and a theater with 1500 seats, a cultural and conference center and cinemas. During the 2008 Summer Olympics, it was used as a broadcasting center for foreign television journalists. On 9 February 2009, the building burned completely out because of an illegal fireworks of construction workers.


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From the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat ( CTBUH ), Chicago CCTV Tower was awarded the 2013 Best skyscraper in the world.

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