A CD ripper ( sometimes referred to as Audiograbber ) is a computer program that digital sound (usually music) extracted from audio CDs / rip and outputs in one or more files. The process itself is referred to as Digital Audio Extraction (DAE). Many CD Ripper furthermore offer the possibility to retrieve metadata about the rippende to Audio CD from the internet and save them (when a suitable format ). So you can create music libraries on the computer.


The Jargon File entry for rip indicates an origin of the term in the Amiga slang, where it was used to refer to the extraction of multimedia content from programs.


One of the first CD ripper still under MS- DOS from the early 1990s was Digital Audio Copy (DAC ) by Christoph Schmelnik. On Unix, the software project Cdda2wav was launched in 1993, which also forms the origin of the current cdparanoia.


The audio format of an audio CD is CDDA. For use with popular media players and for reasons of space saving format can be changed. This can be used either a lossy codec like MP3 or Vorbis or a lossless codec like FLAC or WAV. If a container format is selected, the metadata support (eg MP3, Ogg or Matroska ), can be also stored further extracted (meta ) - information about the audio CD or the DAE process ( selection date, software ... ).

DAE Drive Features and Software Support

Ultimately achievable quality of DAE is defined by the properties of the specific optical disk.

Properties that are helpful for a perfect DAE, low offset, no jitter, a deactivatable caching and the ability to be returned the error condition (C1 and C2) correctly to the DAE software. There are databases on the properties of specific drives, also has the DAE software EAC possible to determine this automatically with a test CD. The support of various CD ripper software for helpful and annoying drive properties is very different and should be considered, eg EAC was one of the first DAE programs that C2 error information 've ever evaluated.


Many common operating systems provide pre-installed CD - Ripper. The following is a (incomplete ) list of CD - rippers on the operating system. There exists a database of checksums many CDs with the accuracy of a read operation can be checked, AccurateRip, some audio Ripper support this.

  • Asunder
  • Sound Juicer
  • Grip
  • Rubyripper
  • K3B
  • Morituri
  • RipperX
  • RipOff
  • Cdparanoia
  • Cdda2wav
  • Cdda2wav
  • ITunes
  • Max
  • X Lossless Decoder
  • Audiograbber
  • Audio Transcoder
  • Cdda2wav
  • CDex
  • AudioGoGo 2.0
  • DBpoweramp
  • Easy CD -DA Extractor
  • Exact Audio Copy ( Reference in Windows Audio grave Bern )
  • Foobar2000
  • Fre: ac (formerly BonkEnc )
  • FreeRIP
  • ITunes
  • Jack! The Knife
  • MediaMonkey
  • MusicMatch Jukebox
  • No23 Recorder
  • Plextools (only for Plextor drives)
  • Ripstation Micro Freeware
  • Spider Player
  • Winamp
  • WINDAC, popular in the 90s before EAC
  • Windows Media Player