CDA is an abbreviation for:

  • CDA Verlag, Perg, Austria, in the PC News, CD Austria as well as PC users appear
  • Chaire de droit allemand, Professor of German law at the Université de Lausanne
  • Christians Democratisch Appèl, Christian Democratic Party in the Netherlands
  • Christian Democratic labor force, unification of the CDU
  • Clinical Document Architecture standard for electronic display of medical documents
  • Collaborative Design Activity, 3D file format
  • Combat Defence Action
  • Communications Decency Act
  • Compact Disc Audio, or CD- audio, file extension in Microsoft Windows for audio tracks on a CD
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreement, another name for a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA ), see confidentiality agreement
  • Continuous Descent Approach, noise and cost -minimizing approach procedures
  • Convent German academic associations, working community of corporation associations
  • Convex Differences Aggregate data structure in computer graphics
  • Cosmic Dust Analyzer, dust detector of the space probe Cassini -Huygens
  • Cranach Digital Archive Research Resource to Lucas Cranach
  • Embossed Critical Discourse Analysis, including Norman Fairclough program for the study of media content
  • Are Customization data area, area within the firmware of mobile phones, in the various language - or provider -specific information or files stored

CdA is an abbreviation for:

  • Army Chief of designation for the top commander of the Swiss army in peacetime
  • Codex diplomaticus Anhaltinus, Urkundenbuch for Anhalt
  • Compagnie des Alpes, leisure companies from France
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